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Digital transformation is an imperative and now only accelerating with a new paradigm in the world of work. Bringing together people, spaces and devices fluidly, innovative work technologies propel businesses to operate better, stay connected and grow towards a more agile, stronger future. We call it the Intelligent Connected Workplace. It’s our response to helping you grow capabilities and unlock new levels of potential. Rethink the workplace and redefine your future. Explore the possibilities and let us help you with the necessary steps towards a more digital, connected workplace.


Businesses are facing operation problems due to reduced manpower and enabling support for remote workers. RPA robots are capable of mimicking many–if not all–human user actions. They log into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill in forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from documents, scrape browsers, and many more.

With social distancing measures in place, manufacturers may lose up to 50% of their on-site personnel. IIoT enables people-to-machine connectivity and data visualisation. Utilizing real-time dashboards, reports, and notifications, remote workforce can make better decisions and improve shop floor operations.

The advanced MES helps manufacturers to digitize their operations, streamline their manufacturing processes and enhance productivity. From production control, machine integration, equipment maintenance, embedded quality controls, and real-time analytics, the advanced MES can coordinate all the critical functions and offer manufacturers the ability to monitor real-time production and other operations of manufacturing plants from a safe distance.

Automate visual checking of product defects using our AI engine with images fed from cameras. Eliminates inspection error due to human fatigue or judgement.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) can be used to address challenges faced by businesses through automation by handling repetitive tasks with heavy payloads, thus reducing reliance on manpower. It helps boost productivity while keeping businesses stay competitive.


A Comprehensive,end to end solution,designed to enable safe return to office


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An Essential Toolkit created to support hybrid workplace with collaboration and productivity in mind

COVID-19 Update


Ways to Keep your MFP Virus Free

The Wave of Digitalization: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies are reshaping manufacturing. Learn how the digitalisation of your manufacturing processes can optimise your business operations.

Workplace Automation: Navigating the future of work

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work. Learn to leverage on these technologies and utilize them to be more effective and productive. Employing tools such as Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and artificial intelligence (AI) will be essential in alleviating humans from tedious, repetitive physical and mental tasks.

Embrace Additive Manufacturing, Future of Manufacturing Technology

The current pandemic has greatly disrupted many manufacturers’ markets and operations, but some have managed to step up to the challenge and even identify new opportunities. Companies such as Konica Minolta, Ford, Adidas and Boeing have embraced 3D printing. Today it is possible to print everything — from a model of a molecule to an aeroplane.

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