Perfect Fit for Digital Label Production

The global label market continues to expand by the day with the prospect of further stable growth in the future. Due to growing demand of small-lot printing as a result ratio demand of digital labels is increasing year by year.

• High image quality of 1200dpi, close to offset printing
• Space-economical design with a footprint of 5.0m x 3.0m
• Productivity at a top class, maximum speed of 13.5m for tack paper
• Ensures facilitation of work during procedures such as maintenance and job changes

High-precision Printing
Multi-gradation Data Processing at a high Resolution of 1200dpi x 8bit

Brilliant Image Quality
Allows use of labels in various scenes

High Printing Speed
Realisation of production speed 13.5m/min for tack paper

Compact System Size
The space-economical design eliminates worries over the place of installation and makes it possible to increase work space.

Continuous Banner Size Printing
Capable of continuous printing of a maximum size of 1,195 x 320mm

Print method Dry-toner electrophotography
Colour support Full colour (CMYK)
Printing resolution / gradation 1200dpi (3600dpi equivalent) x 1200dpi / 8bit
Max. printing image size 480 x 320mm at normal mode, 1195 x 320mm at banner mode
Substrate width 330mm fixed width / 250mm fixed width
Printed image width Max. 320mm / Max. 240mm
Max. unwinder / rewinder diameter 500mm
Substrate Thickness Range 90 to 250m (81 to 256gsm)
Feeding speed (printing speed) 18.9m/min., 13.5m/min., 9.45m/min. *Speed depends on the paper type (standard speed: 13.5mm)
Compatible file formats PS, PDF (APPE compatible), 8bit TIFF
VDP file format PPML,PDF/VT [PDF/VT requires APPE Option (UK-207)]
Substrate range Paper: Non-tack paper, tack paper, Film: Tack film (synthetic paper, PP, PET)
Power requirements AccurioLabel 190 Engine: Single phase 220V-400V 20A 50/60Hz
Winder/Rewinder: 3 phase 200V, 20A 50/60Hz
Operating conditions Temperature: 10 to 30ºc, Humidity: 10 to 80%RH. No condensation. 20%RH gradually decreasing to 10%RH at 10 to 20ºc.[Range of guaranteed performance] Temperature: 18 to 23ºc, Humidity: 40 to 60%RH

  AccurioLabel 190