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A new paradigm in the world of work has quickly accelerated with the onset of a pandemic, across all industries around the globe. The demand for flexibility, collaboration and connectivity shows no signs of slowing down as we transition towards the next normal workplace, where remote working will continue to be prevalent. We are all in uncharted waters. Preparing for a safe and efficient way to bring employees back to work is key but riddled with complexities. We are in this journey together as we shift into the hybrid work environment, coming out ahead more agile and stronger than before.


Enforce employee’s self-declaration on their health status before returning to work in order to safeguard the business as well as the safety of all employees in the workplace.

As businesses resume, we require different levels of on-site screenings and diagnosis, including thermal readings, to provide additional evaluation steps to safeguard our employees’ health and identify the risk levels of our return-to-work readiness.

Employees to get prior approval before inviting visitors to the workplace. This ensures proper planning are in place to avoid over-crowding and making sure the visit is indeed essential.

Contact tracing is designed to interrupt chains of transmission by helping to ensure the safe and effective quarantine of potential contacts to slow the spread of the virus. This process enables businesses to narrow down the list of visitors who have entered and exited from the respective premises on the specific date.

Mass screening of elevated body temperatures, setting off alerts to identify anyone who may posed a health risk.

Using indoor air quality as an indicator to determine the probability of virus existence, steps can then be taken to improve the workplace environment, hence, reducing infection risk.

Enables incidents to be managed efficiently electronically, rather than as physical copies, enabling ease of search & retrieval.


A Comprehensive,end to end solution,designed to enable safe return to office


Explore your options and ask us about them. We’ll get you where you need to be.


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