Document Process Automation

Revenue and expense management are important for the organisations as poor management will affect the organisation’s financial standing and customer experience. By automating the processes, order-to-cash and procure-to-cash lifecycles are tightly integrated and will give the users full visibility and control.

Document Process Automation Solution transforms manual-intensive Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Payment processes by automating the workflow to drive efficiencies and maximise cash conversion cycle.

Order-to-cash and Procure-to-Payment processes are complex and often are inter-departmental connected. From sales order, customer invoices to invoice delivery and cash collection, organisations need to have control and visibility to have a seamless lifecycle management and proper management of supplier and customer relationships.

Document Process Automation solution covers the lifecycle of revenue and expense operations.

Order Management
The solution allows the automation of order processing lifecycle so that you can process and track the order with visibility and efficiency.

Accounts Receivable
Manage your financials as the solution automates the delivery of digital invoices timely, receipts of payments and archival of the invoices.

Procurement Management
Eliminate manual process by going digital with online requisition and forms and approval workflow.

Accounts Payable
Evidence based and timely payment to suppliers by automating invoice processing with capture technology and digital workflow for approval.


  • Improved customer experience and supplier relationship
  • Greater control and visibility
  • Improved revenue and expense management