Workplace Automation: Navigating The Future Of Work

Workplace Automation: Navigating the future of work

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work. Many of the technologies we employ in our daily lives would have seemed unimaginable a mere decade ago. Their deployment without a doubt , will have a significant impact on jobs, skills, and wages, disrupting many workers and requiring millions to transition into new occupations and change their work practices.1

With automation and drive for innovation, we see robots playing a big part in the way we work. Konica Minolta’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) can be used to address challenges faced by businesses through enabling automation in certain processes. It scales businesses growth by handling tasks that are repetitive or even those heavier workloads. With automation coming into play, it can help boost productivity while helping businesses stay competitive

Photo Credit: Mobile Industrial Robots

AMR Solutions offered by Konica Minolta for intra-logistic in manufacturing

Konica Minolta provides Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) as part of its IoT solutions where the use of advanced sensor and AI to make decision on-the-fly when tasks being carried out. The AMR is ideal to lighten mundane delivery tasks in manufacturing, warehouse and healthcare operations. Intra-logistic in a robust manufacturing environment has to be agile and flexible, and that is where AMR comes in handy to cope with changing demands for a robust setup. The AMR can be connected to synchronize with existing conveyor systems and other inputs/output terminals of production lines.

Photo Credit: Mobile Industrial Robots

Palletized goods delivery by AMR between in/out bound loading bay and shelf racks.

Photo Credit: Mobile Industrial Robots

Quiet and safe AMR for autonomous delivery at a community hospital.

Palletized goods movement in warehouse operation will no longer the same with AMR that can transport up to 1-tonne payload autonomously. The AMR can repeat the delivery routes in / outbound of loading bays and shelf racks alongside with forklift operations and human traffics.

It can be an ideal helper to businesses which provide porter delivery for medicine, laundry, linens, food in healthcare operations. When it comes to integration, AMR is also able to communicate with building infrastructure like lifts and sliding doors to expand its operation to multiple storeys of a building.

If the AMR gets you excited, we are even more excited to introduce you to a comprehensive of solutions, including integration of AMR operations to Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In addition to that, tools to measure the performance of AMR fleet can be provided to help you justify the financial returns for your investment

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